4 days of EDM

4 days of EDM 


Many people are calling for Earthcore EDM dance festival to be closed for good after happenings at the event last week. The event which attracts over 40000, with tickets costing $250 is held annually in Victoria, Australia. This year the event was held 24th - 28th November and was a sell out. The event has been running for over 20 years and is marketed as one of Australia’s pioneering outdoor music festivals.


This year there was 1 death, 30 arrests and a bizarre video exposed online of someone voluntarily being waterboarded. Waterboarding is a known torture method, rumoured to be used by the CIA, where the victim has their head covered with a towel and water constantly poured onto their face and into their mouth. This apparently simulates drowning. The death on the festival site was a drug overdose allegedly with synthetic drugs available online, the victim a 25 year old woman. The arrests mostly drug and minor assault incidents. A 24-year-old woman was removed from the event when she allegedly bit a police officer, and kicked another in the face.

The person who posted the video of the waterboarding ‘prank’ has not yet been found but police say they will find them and take them in for questioning.


Earthcore describes itself ‘as founders of the Doof scene in regional Victoria, with roots planted firmly in the psychedelic scene and each year deliver a calculated mix of local, interstate and international acts’.  


Let’s hope they shut this thing down. I think I would rather be waterboarded than have to listen to EDM for 4 days.