Animated Christmas Movies.

Animated Christmas Movies.


Hi everyone and welcome back to my arts and entertainment blog.  I hope you’ve all been enjoying this Christmas and New Year period, and have had plenty of turkey, christmas cookies, mulled wine and eggnog.  I know I have!.  I’ve had to stop listening to EDM music, and instead have replaced the playlist in my house with Christmas songs.


Over the christmas period one of my favourite things to do is to curl up on the sofa, with my partner and a massive blanket.  We put on a christmassy or a wintery movie and sip various hot drinks.  My current favourites being hot chocolate or warm apple cider.  Yum.  I also like to wear my onesie with my favourite slippers.  I found my Snoopy slippers for sale online, and have been wearing them as I watch my favourite Christmas movies.  Which leads me onto our blog post today.  With the Christmas period drawing to a close I wanted to share with you my favourite animated Christmas movies.  And I’d love it if you would let me know what else I should be adding to my Christmas movie list!

snoopy slippers

My 2 favourite animated Christmas movies.


‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’

‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ is one of my all time favourite holiday movies.  Released just in time for Christmas in 1965, ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ finds Charlie Brown feeling a bit down and depressed in the run up to Christmas.  He confesses his unhappiness to Linus, describing the over-commercialisation and his own inability to completely understand the spirit of Christmas.  Linus dismisses Charlie Brown, assuming it’s just another f his ‘common moods’.  Later on at home Charlie Brown finds his mailbox empty, and sarcastically thanks Violet for the Christmas Card who uses this instead as an opportunity to put him down again.  Elsewhere, Lucy has opened up a psychiatry booth.  Charlie walks past and invites him to visit and speak to her.  They talk and Lucy attempts to diagnose him with various phobias and disorders.  Eventually Lucy determines that in order to feel less depressed Charlie Brown needs to get more involved and pushes him into the direction of the school play.  

charlie brown christmas

I don’t want to go too far into the storyline of ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ because it’s such a classical Christmas movie, and if it’s not already a part of your Christmas movie line-up you should really add it in!  


‘The Snowman’

‘An undoubtedly Christmas classic, ‘The Snowman’ is the favourite film of many a British child or adult.  With its whimsical animation and memorable orchestral score, ‘The Snowman’ was adapted from a Childs book of the same name by Raymond Briggs.  It debuted on Channel 4 in 1982, and at only 27 minutes long is a great length to watch alongside ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ and other animated cartoons. ‘The snowman’ starts when a boy builds a snowman is his front garden.  At midnight that night the snowman comes to life.  The boy wakes up and ends up guiding the Snowman through his house, stopping of to show him stuff along the way.  The snowman tries on various pieces of clothing, shoes and make up from the boy’s mother and father.  Later on the two go for a ride on the boys fathers motorcycle.  Unfortunately the heat from the motorcycle is too strong and it ends up melting the inside of the Snowmans thighs, who consequently has to go and lie down in the freezer with a packet of peas on his head.  He ends up finding a package of fish fingers which reminds him of his home and he ends up feeling sad.  The boy senses this and him and the snowman end up taking flight.  The flyover the village where the boy lives, over brighton pier and the cliffs of dover, over the ocean, and all the way across the Arctic until he ends up back at the North Pole.  Where the whole land is covered in snow; snowy forest, and snowy mountains.  They are then greeted by Father Christmas who gives the boy a scarf.  The boy ends up returning home and the next morning he wakes up to find the gift from Father Christmas at the bottom of his bed.  

the snowman

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about 2 of my favourite Christmas movies.  What ones do you enjoy watching over the Christmas period?  Have you checked out one of our latest articles about drawing Manga?