Board Games that Will Ruin your Friendships

Board Games that Will Ruin your Friendships 

Hey everyone, welcome back to my arts and entertainment blog where I talk about all the artistic influences I have in my life and everything that I define as entertainment. Today that translates into me talking about board and card games. The other night I was at a friends house with 4 other friends and we decided to drink some wine and play board games. Personally I feel this always ends badly but agreed anyways. I had just picked up some used/new to me board games online at that I wanted to try out so I agreed. This would be my first mistake of the night. The six of us had been through a lot, even doing an origami class together at one point. I thought this would translate to patience with each other but it did not. Let's start with the first game of the night-Monopoly. 

playing board games with friends 


Whenever we would pull out the Monopoly board when I was growing up I knew that the next day would be a nightmare. The game would always start out fine, but after a couple rounds everyone would start forming alliance that would eventually get broken and making deals with other players that the rest of us would claim are illegal. This was pretty much the exact thing that happened with my friends the other night, I bought a recently bought copy of Monopoly World Wide that was for sale on and we started playing. It didn’t take long for the backstabbing and secret deals happened. We never even got through the game, after someone landed on Park Place after owning it less than 3 rounds earlier and went bankrupt. They then proceeded to flip the board over the table and that was that. 

 monopoly world edition


I hate UNO. Like with a passion. I don’t know if anyone has ever hated something as much as I hate UNO. It seems like this game was invented so that you can never finish it. The longest game of UNO I ever played was 45 minutes long, which doesn’t seem like much but we had to recycle the deck 4 times! You should only have to recycle your UNO deck once, when you throw it in the recycle bin. As I had done this to the last deck of UNO cards I had, my girlfriend made me look for another deck and I was lucky enough to lots of used cards on so I didn’t have to stare at those horrid cards for long.

 UNO cards

Keep your friends close, and these games far away!

If you are asked to head over to a friends house for a board game night, then make sure to ask if these games are going to be played first. Trust me, it will be good for your friendship. Likewise, if your enemies want to play Monopoly it might actually be a fun game. If you liked this post, you can read another one at Have a great day everyone, talk to you again soon!