Bullying: the Modern Form of Entertainment


Bullying: the Modern Form of Entertainment 

Welcome back folks.  Today’s entertainment topic is unfortunately a more sobering one and I apologise in advance for the tone.  It’s something that is growing rapidly on social media these days, especially Youtube, and gaining popularity and great entertainment value daily, it seems.  It’s also is something that’s starting to be revelled in and celebrated as opposed to being stopped and shamed.  I’m talking about the bountiful crop of ‘kids bullying’ videos that are increasingly doing the rounds on social media these days.  While some of them are.. for want of a better word ‘mild’, others are extremely violent, and when it comes to kids of course, it’s just not right.  Under the surface however it’s feeding and enabling the ever-growing monster that is cyber-bullying, which is a natural progressive by-product of these kinds of online videos, and the real worry is that it’s all starting to become the norm. 


Before I continue it’s worth noting that there are plenty of supportive resources online in the form of books or eBooks that offer good psychological accounts from both sides of the fence to give you a broader understanding of how to deal with these kinds of things, as well as suggesting well-structured responsive measures.  For this reason alone it would be well worth taking advantage of online second hand classified ads sites such as http://www.australia.for-sale.com/


Bullying as a topic has been dragged to the forefront in recent years after the astronomical rise in suicide rates, primarily as a result of bullying.  A recent study in Britain has discovered that half of all youth suicides have been directly related to bullying.  That’s a pretty serious statistic. The same study also reports that 10 to 14 year old girls are at an even higher risk of suicide, which is an awfully low age to have to deal with that kind of trauma.  This of course is the tragic end result however, the steps leading up to such a sudden dreadful finale are so subtle by comparison they are easily overlooked by so many. 

The Videos 

It’s not uncommon nowadays to come across a fighting or bullying video in your social media feed.  YouTube is rife with clips of one or two bigger kids straddled atop weaker ones delivering a barrage of heavy blows.  You can hear it too: the dull contact of knuckle on bone as the victim tries to yell ‘No!’ but is drowned out by the cheers and encouragement from the crazed hordes of blood-hungry onlookers.  The victims sometimes retaliate.  Either they are successful and the video goes immediately viral as they’re deemed a new breed of hero, or they’re not, in which case they’ll meet an even heavier punishment.  You’ll also often see girls violently attacking girls, as well as girls just as violently attacking boys. 


This not two guys going toe-to-toe for a straightener on a pub car park remember, this is some gangly kid slamming another poor kid’s head down on to the concrete who absolutely does not want any of it.  But the victim doesn’t get to choose whether they ‘get it’ or not, as it’s stripped away from them immediately and replaced with a heavy pair of trainers in the teeth.  Sorry to be so blunt but what I’m summarizing here is absolutely nothing to what you’ll see in some of these very heavily ‘liked’ and very readily available YouTube videos.

Bullying kids 

As with all videos, when clicked upon the provider opens up a whole library of similar content for your leisurely perusal.  It’s just how the software works.  The more and more you click the more open up waiting to be engaged with.  But that’s not the real problem.  The real problem is the more videos like this you mindlessly click and engage with, the more desensitized you become to the actual content.  Before long you actually stop watching consciously and you naturally drift into a relaxed automatic subconscious state as you click on more and more content.  Whether or not you consciously realize it, you actually want more.   Once you’re completely desensitized to material like this it suddenly becomes stripped of humanity and becomes as normal as watching dogs running around in a park - it’s no different to war, torture or pornography.  Once humanity is taken out of the equation, it becomes normal, and that’s a very serious problem because what’s normal too often becomes acceptable.  Once things are acceptable, things are repeated with a free conscience and without second thought.  For this to be happening in the minds of today’s youth is a monumental problem that will have a massive effect on the future of our society.   

It’s all food for thought of course and as always I’d love to hear your views on all this.  Thanks for dropping by anyway folks, until next time..