How to draw Manga

How to draw Manga


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With Donald Trump becoming president there’s been lots of news around the world about him and his family.  And one country with a lot of strange news coming out of it is Japan.  With the news that Ivanka Trump might be becoming the next ambassador to Japan,  his Grandaughter Arabella Rose performing a cover of the modern Japanese song “Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen” to the youngest Trump son having a manga novel written about him titled “My loud, annoying dad is president, so the quiet unassuming life I wanted is completely over.”  He is considered a “Bishonen” or a beautiful boy,


The style of the art intrigued me and so I went online and bought a second hand manga drawing book and then I did some research into Manga.




Manga is a style of comics and cartoons created in Japan, or following the style of Japanese Artists,  It was developed in the 19th century, although it does have links with earlier historic Japanese art.  Manga comes from the Japanese word composed of man meaning whimsical or impromptu and ga meaning pictures.  And in Japan manga refers to all kinds of cartoons, comics and animation.  A lot of manga storylines revolve around high school aged children.


Death Note is the most famous and popular of all Manga, it was written by Tsugumi Ohba and is illustrated by Takeshi Obata.



The story follows an extremely bright high school student, Light Yagami, who finds a notebook with the ability to kill anyone whose name is written on it.  After playing around with the notebook, Light meets Ryuk a Shinigami (demon) who out of boredom dropped the notebook into the human world.  Light decides to use this newfound power of his for good and decides that he will remove all criminals from the world, and rule over it as a god.  However due to the nature of the killings it is discovered that there is a serial killer, although it is not known it is Light.  Light becomes known as Kira.  When Interpol and ‘L’ get wind of the killings they manage to track down the country which Light is operating in, Japan.  In Panic, Light joins the taskforce and works alongside L, hoping to find L’s real name and thus a way to kill him.   Light however becomes distracted when a famous model, Misa, finds out he is Kira and offers her assistance, and the assistance of her Shinigami, Ren.  Unfortunately Misa becomes obsessed with Light, and makes several strategic errors which allow her arrest and detention by L.  Light, seeing as there isn’t many ways out, comes up with a plan to prove their innocence and allows himself to be detained.  Both Misa and Light have to give up their ownership of the notebooks, which also erases all their memories of using them.  During their detention a new Kira appears and it becomes clear that it can not be Light and Misa who are carrying out the murders.  They are released and instead placed under house arrest in Ls headquarters.  the third Kira is discovered and captured long with the notebook.  When Light touches the notebook he gets his memories back and kills the new Kira, regaining ownership of the notebook and  Rem.  He manipulates Rem, the Shinigami, into killing L, which is a violation of Shinigami law, and Rem also dies.  Upon L’s death Light takes his place and becomes the second L, letting others think he is on the lookout for Kira, when in real life he is still carrying out the killings.


Death Note was turned into a 37 episode tv series, shown on TV from October 2006 till June 2007.  There has since been 3 video games, 1 anime film, 4 live action films already produced and released with one set to be released in 2017, a live action TV film, a musical and a 3 part mini series.


‘The Saiyans have returned’

Dragon Ball Z is another example of a famous manga novel, Dragon Ball, being turned into a tv programme. It had been shown on Nicktoons, The CW and Adult Swim as well as the Cartoon Network.  It’s about a warrior named Goku who discovers he is from another planet, and alongside his friends they defend it against an onslaught of alien enemies.


Other famous manga novels include Naruto, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist and Love Hina.   


So there's some background information on Manga, and the most popular manga novels. hopefully if you’re interested in Manga and drawing Manga then this has given you some more manga novels to read and different manga anime to watch.  And if you need any more DVD box sets to watch then i highly recommend watchingOrphan Black , I'm part way through Season 2 already!